These classes are for dogs that have completed our Puppy Foundation Course or who have had 1:1 training with us. 

These classes allow you to improve on basic foundation level skills, enabling you to teach your dog even more important and valuable life skills to develop their focus, confidence and manners even further.  This helps to build the bond between dog and owner, and most of all, you can have fun together!

During these classes, we work through our Confident Canines Life Skills Awards.  We created these awards so that owners have something tangible to measure their progress against.  There are four levels of awards in total, each progressing on from the previous level of difficulty and skillset.  They are assessed informally during class time.

The classes run on Mondays at 7pm & Saturdays at 3pm at Halls for All in Leyland (Moss Lane, PR25 4XA), each session lasting 50 minutes.  

Classes run in 6-week rolling blocks.  You can attend for as many blocks as you wish, depending on what your training goals are.


collage resizedWhat sort of things do we teach during these classes?

Improving your dog’s focus:
   -  How to settle and be calm around distractions
   -  New behaviours and tricks to help your dog to engage with you around distractions
   -  How to behave around other dogs
   -  Greeting people in a controlled manner
   -  How to improve lead walking skills
   -  Road walking skills

Developing impulse control skills:
   -  Appropriate behaviour around food
   -  How to wait and be calm in different situations/scenarios 
   -  Stay training with duration, distance and distractions
   -  Teaching a reliable leave command
   -  Adding impulse control to interactive games
   -  The emergency stop command

Building dog & owner bond:
   -  Interactive games to improve dog and owner bond
   -  How to build a reliable recall amongst other dogs and people
   -  The send to mat command
   -  A range of new fun training exercises to develop cognitive skills
   -  Teaching calmness during handling and grooming



These classes are for dogs that have completed puppy training with us, or who have had 1:1 training with us. 

If you haven't attended group training before, we do insist on you having an hour-long 1:1 session with us first.  This gives us the opportunity to cover all the foundation skills you will need in advance of starting classes.  Providing you are within 10 miles of Leyland, the session will cost £70.

Dogs MUST be comfortable and relaxed training in a group environment.  If your dog is reactive (barking at other dogs), cannot relax, or is uncomfortable in a group setting, these classes are not suitable for your dog.

£120 per 6-week block.  BOOK NOW   

The Venue

These classes run at Halls For All, Moss Lane, Leyland, PR25 4XA.

The venue has toilets, disabled access and a good sized car park.

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Charlie LS 2Rufus LS 2Pepper LS 1Ruben LS 1Paddy LS 3Rosa LS 1Poppy LS 1


Life Skills Classes FAQ

+ - How old should my dog be for these classes?
+ - What experience is required for these classes?
+ - What if my dog hasn’t attended classes before?
+ - Will these classes help to socialise my adolescent/adult dog?
+ - What if my dog is reactive or anxious?
+ - Why do I have to book a 1:1 session before my dog can start Life Skills classes?
+ - How many people can attend the classes?
+ - Can children attend?
+ - What happens if my bitch comes into season?
+ - My main problem is pulling on the lead. Will these classes help with this?
+ - My main problem is with recall and my dog ignoring me in public. Will these classes help with this?
+ - Are you insured?
+ - Can you cater for any special personal requirements?

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