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  -  Does your dog have selective hearing?  Or do they completely ignore you when you call them?

  -  Do you have a puppy that needs to learn all about recall?

  -  Do you have a dog that likes to go sniffing and playing instead of paying attention to you?

  -  Do you want to be able to trust your dog to be off the lead in public?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you need our Reliable Recall Course!


outdoor_recall.jpgWhat do we do during the classes?

Using fun, positive and motivational training techniques, we will build value into your dog’s recall to help you develop a fast, reliable and enthusiastic response every time you call your dog.

You will learn about why dogs develop ‘selective hearing’, how the different stages of canine development can affect your recall, and how to identify and overcome the problems associated with distractions whilst out and about!


Our recall workshops are suitable for all ages of dog - even young puppies!  Get going with their recall foundations before bad habits can creep in!

For your dog to be able to attend these classes, they must be able to work in a group environment and focus on their owner when carrying out practical exercises.  These workshops are not suitable for dogs who are reactive towards other dogs or people (i.e. barking).

Course Details

Our workshops run as a 3-session course, progressing in skill during each session.  The sessions are specifically scheduled with a few weeks in between to allow you time to practice the skills you learn in between classes.

We only accept a maximum of five dogs per course to ensure that each dog gets enough space and individual attention throughout the sessions.  Each session runs for 50 minutes.  After each session you will receive a full set of detailed training notes to refer back to.

Our recall sessions run at an indoor equestrian arena in Brindle: PR6 8PG.


- Sunday 23rd June 10am (Session two 14th July 10am, Session three 4th August 10am).    

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